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DIY Carpet Cleaning Dangers

DIY Carpet Cleaning Dangers

Everyone wants fresh, clean carpets. It makes you feel good about your home and you want a sanitary place for your kids to play. Carpet cleaning done by yourself may seem like an easy task, after all, there are lots of companies saying how you can rent a machine from the local box store and the results will be amazing. It may also seem cost effective, though there are some pitfalls when it comes to trying to save a few bucks.

Now you head to the local box store and rent a machine and buy the cleaning solutions that go with it. After a whole day of carpet cleaning, refilling the water tank, emptying it over and over again, then you see the actual results. Are you happy? The honest answer is probably not. And why is that? It’s actually simple really, so here is some education about these types of carpet cleaning machines.

These machines you rent are really small, and that is purposely designed that way. If it’s too big you won’t be able to lift it or put it in your vehicle. Being that it is so small means that there is a limit on the power output, surely a carpet cleaning machine is a carpet cleaning machine. Yes, but there are many different variables to determine what is good machine.

Basically the bigger the machine the better it is going to be. Lets take this further. There will be more suction aka vacuum as well as more heat and water pressure, leaving carpets much cleaner, brighter and dryer.

So you really have to try and ignore the suggestively ‘amazing’ sales videos and literature that are associated with these machines and realize that it is essentially impossible to achieve the same result as a genuine professional machine. But you have to understand that they want to sell the ‘hiring’ of these machines for a reason – it makes them money. So yes they will have great ‘images’ etc – merely offering visual representations, as opposed to actual photos of the cleaning process or before and afters.

If you take a step back and really evaluate this situation about these rental machines being so great – if it were true then companies wouldn’t buy machines costing many thousands of dollars- no-one would want to waste that sort of money right? But they cant produce the same results as professional truck mounted equipment, nowhere near to be 100% honest, which is why some companies invest heavily to give the ultimate cleaning experience to their clients.

The Hidden Dangers

1)   Poor results – due to lack of power
2)   Damp carpets for days – possibly producing mold or a mildew type smell
3)   Delaminated carpets – due to over wetting of the carpet
5)   Browning – or discoloration caused by over wetting
6)   Shrinkage – due to excessive moisture
7)   Rapid re-soiling – not able to rinse carpet properly leaving residue behind

The biggest concern is mould spores being breathed in which can cause health issues, and physically damage your carpet. We are not trying to scare you, just want you to be aware of the possibilities with these inferior machines.  These are genuine problems that will arise.

So, the idea of saving a few bucks now, could actually end up costing you much more in the end. Make sure you give a professional carpet cleaning company a call to get it done right. If you are in the Orlando carpet cleaning area, then give us a call today.